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A big revolution

I am extremely happy and proud to announce that Chez Flo's is reaching a new step as the team is going to be much more involved than before. My mission was to give them a financial kick off and training in cooking, service but also management. After 7 months, they are ready to leave the nest ;-) even if I will stay beside them.
It means a lot for all of us.
The initial idea was to find a new way to help underprivileged people from inside the country and not making them dependant on international funds only. One of the main concern for any person or organization involved in development is SUSTAINABILITY. And I believe we have found at our very small level, a way to do it.
The idea is quite simple. Start a small business that will generate income and from this business, use the profits to finance education for poor children. It means also that the major administrative cost as salaries will be supported by the business and not the NGO.
So Chez Flo continues with the Cafe and the Guest House and we also open a coaching Center for students who want private tuitions in major subjects as Economics, Maths, Physics, English etc... We already have the teachers appointed to start end of this month. It will generate more income and the students will also enjoy the cafe so we believe it's a good strategy. For the moment I am working with them on setting up the new plan in term of business, cashflow and marketing.
So, we need all of you who is reading this post to support this project as it will prove we are right and we can develop new ways to help the poorest.
I count on you


New Pastries

New pastry items Chez Flo, you will find in small size but as usual, you can order the big ones for your family or friends ;-)

Mango or Pineapple biscuit tart with pastry cream



and the Lemon biscuit tart filed with fresh lemon curd and "meringue" on the top ;-)


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Thank You

It was my birthday recently and the team had prepared a very nice Bangladeshi dinner


except for the Cake home made of course by Salim who had to try first the right spelling of my name ;-)


Thanks to all of you for this so nice attention and the cake was gorgeous! Just need a little bit of decoration improvement from Salim ;-)


New Chez Flo

New items are available and new service.
We are cooking a different dish per day. For example:
- Osso Bucco (beef cooked with tomatoes, carots and onions)
- Mutton Stew (cooked with onions, mushrooms and green peas)
- Chicken Provencal (cooked with onions, tomatoes and cupsicums)
Why only one dish per day? Because we are responsible and we do not want to waste any food....

You can also order those dishes for your family and friends.
Just drop us a line chezflobangladesh@gmail.com or call us on 01 91 24 26 045 one day in advance and pick them up the next day. Minimum 4 portions. We can also deliver them to the German Boucher in Gulshan!

Also available our full chocolate Fondant and our quiches Tomatoes-Feta-Basil or Mushroom-Cheese-Potatoes.

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How sometimes elementary things are forgotten! Like our adress for example ;-)))
I am soooo sorry!
So you can find us
House 4 - Road 2 - Uttara Sector 4
and our email adress for any order is chezflobangladesh@gmail.com

Our chocolate fondant and also our Quiches are available at the German Boucher, Road 69 Gulshan.
You can order full cakes just by droping a line on our email


You can order our cakes

You can order for your private parties or simply for your own delight some of our items for example
our famous chocolate Fondant (for 8 to 10 people)


Our chocolate Mousse (just tell us how many you will be) and also the fruits Cakes, the Quiche, the tarte Tatin Mango or apple and other items.




Just call us 1 day in advance or before 10am for a pick up in the evening on 01 91 24 26 045.

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Our first outside catering

We are really proud to say that we have been appointed to provide a cocktail party yesterday for 60 people.
L'Alliance Francaise has asked us couple of weeks ago to provide new ideas for the inauguration of their new branch in Uttara as they wanted something french and a little bit different.
So we have provided 4 salty items and 4 sweet plus fresh juice and the service.

The menu was
- mini tart tomatoes, feta, basil
- mini toast eggs coriander
- mini toast onion raisin cinnamon
- mini crepes chicken curry

- mini chocolate fondant
- mini biscuit tarts lemon and orange
- mini glass of pineapple ginger compote and english custard.

Everything went in half and hour! like an army of birds on a cherry tree ;-)
The client is extremely happy ;-) and so do we!
It was also the right occasion to try our new uniform and as promised here are some pictures.



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New setting

We are always looking for giving the best atmosphere in the Cafe and a Home feeling. So we decided to change the set up and here is the last one.


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The First Lady candidate for RBBA

It's a great day today as I just met the first lady who want to apply for a job abroad. Until now, I only registered men and I was a little bit desperate to find women. She is 21 years old and wants to go with her sister 19 years old. It's a real sign of hope as we can see some young women taking care of their own future ;-)

New Items

Everyday we are working with Salim on new items for the Cafe but also for some cocktail parties we have been asked to supply. So today I am proud to introduce you to

The Chocolate Biscuit Tart


The fresh Ginger Pineapple Compote with english custard


And the first salty item.... The 4 spices pumpkin cream

Yes we start to introduce salted items to the Cafe and from today, if you want to come and have lunch, jsut give us a call the day before and we will create something special for you ;-))

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