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A big revolution

I am extremely happy and proud to announce that Chez Flo's is reaching a new step as the team is going to be much more involved than before. My mission was to give them a financial kick off and training in cooking, service but also management. After 7 months, they are ready to leave the nest ;-) even if I will stay beside them.
It means a lot for all of us.
The initial idea was to find a new way to help underprivileged people from inside the country and not making them dependant on international funds only. One of the main concern for any person or organization involved in development is SUSTAINABILITY. And I believe we have found at our very small level, a way to do it.
The idea is quite simple. Start a small business that will generate income and from this business, use the profits to finance education for poor children. It means also that the major administrative cost as salaries will be supported by the business and not the NGO.
So Chez Flo continues with the Cafe and the Guest House and we also open a coaching Center for students who want private tuitions in major subjects as Economics, Maths, Physics, English etc... We already have the teachers appointed to start end of this month. It will generate more income and the students will also enjoy the cafe so we believe it's a good strategy. For the moment I am working with them on setting up the new plan in term of business, cashflow and marketing.
So, we need all of you who is reading this post to support this project as it will prove we are right and we can develop new ways to help the poorest.
I count on you