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New setting

We are always looking for giving the best atmosphere in the Cafe and a Home feeling. So we decided to change the set up and here is the last one.


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The First Lady candidate for RBBA

It's a great day today as I just met the first lady who want to apply for a job abroad. Until now, I only registered men and I was a little bit desperate to find women. She is 21 years old and wants to go with her sister 19 years old. It's a real sign of hope as we can see some young women taking care of their own future ;-)

New Items

Everyday we are working with Salim on new items for the Cafe but also for some cocktail parties we have been asked to supply. So today I am proud to introduce you to

The Chocolate Biscuit Tart


The fresh Ginger Pineapple Compote with english custard


And the first salty item.... The 4 spices pumpkin cream

Yes we start to introduce salted items to the Cafe and from today, if you want to come and have lunch, jsut give us a call the day before and we will create something special for you ;-))


Amber room

Chez Flo we have for the moment in addition to the Cafe, 2 guest rooms available for rent. After the blue room here is the Amber room ;-)


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New uniform and new recipes

I just went tonight to buy some fabric to create Chez Flo uniform. Noooo it will not be a white shirt and black trousers (white is always grey or yellow in Bangladesh after a while ;-))). I have chosen orange!
Yes, orange color, flashy and bright as the sun....
I have chosen the design as a traditional shirt without collar. Just to mix the tradition of Bangladesh with a "french" touch! That's why they will also wear an apron dark beige with the logo Chez Flo embrodered in the front! I know it's difficult to visualize so I promise to put some pix as soon as it's ready ;-)

We have created also a new item for the Cafe today! The choclate tart. It's a biscuit pastry filled with a chocolate cream inside served with s small pot of "creme anglaise"! We also do the same tart filled with fresh Lemon curd, Orange Curd and Moka cream ;-))))

Bon appetit!

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We add a new item to our list, the Biscotti Date, raisins and Pistachios. Trust me, it's excellent!


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What is behind Chez Flo and RBBA

What is behind the idea of RBBA and Chez Flo. It's what I call Responsible Business or Ethic Business. It's a way to help people from Bangladesh from inside meaning that I am helping them to develop business, generate incomes and then use this money to help more people.
I just opened the guest house and the Cafe. I have 4 people working with me. 1 couple under employed by the previous people in the house, 1 cook out of job for 3 years, 1 assistant Manager who is learning business and 1 waiter who just want to learn a job and feel useful!
My job is to develop the business and train them in a real situation in order to give them skills but also hope. Also, I am sourcing experienced and also non experienced staff for hospitality with a good behavior who want to work abroad, especially in UAE.
I am meeting each of them, discussing their cvs, checking their english and evaluating their motivation and aptitude to work in a new environment. Some of them had tears in their eyes as they were so scared to talk to me because of total absence of confidence in the process to apply for a job...
Finding a job in Bangladesh is so difficult and the major problem for the young people even if they have diploma is experience and getting skills.
I believe that helping children with education and food is a major task and many great people are doing it. But we also need to help the young adults? They are the future parents of the kids and if we help them to find a job, they will be able to feed their children and give them a proper future.
That's part of breaking the cycle of poverty. Today, many children are begging in the street sent by their parents instead of going to school.
Bangladesh is changing a lot, in a good way, but there are so many people here and so many unemployed. Bangladeshi are fantastic people hangry for food but also hangry to learn and work. If we can help them to find a job especially in the booming hospitality sector, we will have done something Responsible. Maybe it's a drop in the ocean but it's a drop of hope and I have to try!


The Blue Room

Just finished to decorate the first Guest Room ;-) It will be The Blue Room. Hope you enjoy!


Our first Customer!

I am so proud and so happy!
We just got our first customers this morning ;-)) OK, I know them and they are friends but what a good news when Bertrand called me to say he will come as a customer!
Sultan and Salim just got the opportunity to put in practice what I told them yesterday and this morning.


Starting the Marketing Campaign