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New Chez Flo

New items are available and new service.
We are cooking a different dish per day. For example:
- Osso Bucco (beef cooked with tomatoes, carots and onions)
- Mutton Stew (cooked with onions, mushrooms and green peas)
- Chicken Provencal (cooked with onions, tomatoes and cupsicums)
Why only one dish per day? Because we are responsible and we do not want to waste any food....

You can also order those dishes for your family and friends.
Just drop us a line chezflobangladesh@gmail.com or call us on 01 91 24 26 045 one day in advance and pick them up the next day. Minimum 4 portions. We can also deliver them to the German Boucher in Gulshan!

Also available our full chocolate Fondant and our quiches Tomatoes-Feta-Basil or Mushroom-Cheese-Potatoes.

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New setting

We are always looking for giving the best atmosphere in the Cafe and a Home feeling. So we decided to change the set up and here is the last one.


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New uniform and new recipes

I just went tonight to buy some fabric to create Chez Flo uniform. Noooo it will not be a white shirt and black trousers (white is always grey or yellow in Bangladesh after a while ;-))). I have chosen orange!
Yes, orange color, flashy and bright as the sun....
I have chosen the design as a traditional shirt without collar. Just to mix the tradition of Bangladesh with a "french" touch! That's why they will also wear an apron dark beige with the logo Chez Flo embrodered in the front! I know it's difficult to visualize so I promise to put some pix as soon as it's ready ;-)

We have created also a new item for the Cafe today! The choclate tart. It's a biscuit pastry filled with a chocolate cream inside served with s small pot of "creme anglaise"! We also do the same tart filled with fresh Lemon curd, Orange Curd and Moka cream ;-))))

Bon appetit!

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We add a new item to our list, the Biscotti Date, raisins and Pistachios. Trust me, it's excellent!


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