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You can order our cakes

You can order for your private parties or simply for your own delight some of our items for example
our famous chocolate Fondant (for 8 to 10 people)


Our chocolate Mousse (just tell us how many you will be) and also the fruits Cakes, the Quiche, the tarte Tatin Mango or apple and other items.




Just call us 1 day in advance or before 10am for a pick up in the evening on 01 91 24 26 045.

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Mate - hats off. Full stop.

Posted by: Andy Griffiths | 06/12/2008

Chere Flo,
It is getting so embarassing reading your progress and your success - I am amazed and I salute you!
Don't suppose you deliver to Berlin? Those cakes look delicious and I hope to be able to taste them personally one of these days.
Take care of yourself!

Posted by: Linda | 06/12/2008

Hi Flo
It was great to see your photo - working away with the "guys" on those canapes. You look happy and well. BRAVO.
Congratulations - just let us know when the guys are ready for employment and we will help find postings here in UAE hotels.

je t'adore

Posted by: Beryl | 06/12/2008


think about putting your address on your website (or in case it is somewhere move it to a more prominent position).

Potential customers would appreciate to be able to find your place ;-).


Posted by: nicolas | 06/19/2008

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