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A day out in a farm

I met through my business contacts a lovely gentleman. He could be my father by his age and just took me under his wing. He is indian but Bangladeshi for 50 years now. He has built a very successful business in different sectors and the latest one is an organic farm.
We just went there today. Very hot day but we spent a lovely time in the fresh air of the house and as soon as the tempeture allowed us, we went to do as we say in french "the landlord Tour". He is growing fruits and vegetables. Mangos, Plums, Jack fruits, but is also trying strawberries (quite a challenge to acclimate them here) and some Thai cherries which do not really taste like ours but I was happy to try.
Then , we came back to Dhaka and he gave 4 pumpinks! My god, what am I going to do with all those pumpkins. So I decided to start cooking tonight for the first time. Simple one, just to test myself ;-). I just cooked a piece of in milk and water to make it soft then added salt pepper, ginger and cinammon and I had my lovely dinner after mixing it as a "puree" ;-)
Well I think I will need to find receipes on internet now to cook the rest tomorrow... Any idea? ;-)


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