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First Cake

After trying a first receipie this morning and not so happy about the result, I decided not to give up and tried again this afternoon. But this time, NOT ALONE....
3 helpers came to the kitchen! 2 guys supposed to help today to paint some chairs and tables, one who will be my cook helper soon and Sultan who will help me in the office. Interested by the noise and the smell coming from the kitchen they stopped what they were doing and join me ;-) 5 minutes later Parul, the house keeper was also standing there, apparently very interested by learning how to bake a french cake!.
Well, everyone participated but I told the boys that they had to respect Flo's kitchen rules meaning if they cook..... They clean ;-))))) What gave a big laugh to Parul ;-)
We ended with a nice Pineapple cake a little bit flat for my taste but extremely tasty. That's what I call a teamwork ;-))


Tomorrow we attack the pumpkins !

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