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That's the name of the Company and it means Responsible Business Bangladesh. We just got the approval from the Joint Stock which is a kind og Government Name Bank. You have to go through this process before starting any paper. RBBA is ours now and I am really happy.
Under RBBA we will have Chez Flo and Cafe Flo of course but also an hospitailty recruitment company. That's the core of the business. The idea is to source qualified staff or staff with potential, select them, interview them and do the liaison with some renowned hotel in Dubai who apply a real politic of social responsability for their employees. That's what I call Responsible. Chez Flo and Cafe Flo will be at the same time, free of charge, a training platform for those who need a help in order to get some skills.
We have already a trainee in Bakery and an office assistant who are working with us.
I received around 20 cvs of experienced people who are willing to go. I know some of you will tell me that if I send the best of the profession, the country will loose its expertise. I don't think this way as those people are stuck in their jobs for the last 10 years and do not give a chance to the young generation to have a job as the turnover is not important enough yet! I also hope in a very near future, I will be able to provide good people to the Bangladesh hospitality industry meaning that this sector will be in big development.
Tomorrow morning is a big time for the Baker trainee as I have a meeting with l'Alliance francaise in order to discuss around some "samples" the possibility to provide cakes for their Cafe ;-)))
9pm already and just finished my last meeting. Need to rest as I will start at 6am to cook with him!



Congrats on the Cafe - it looks great and I'm sure it will be a big hit! I'm just sorry I'm not there to try out your ginger cookies. Good luck with the opening! Chris and I and the kids send our very best!


Posted by: Steve T | 04/29/2008

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